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Posted on: March 1, 2011

Image Credit "Number 7" by Numerology

So many people on Facebook use the location application to update where they are at a certain moment. Well, with Twitter, the application is called FourSquare.

FourSquare is the application for Twitter that updates where people are at all times, whenever they choose to update it. It is an awesome tool that allows people to know where my be for any reason.

Companies can benefit from FourSquare in many ways. Whenever people go to a store, say for instance Starbucks, current customers will update their FourSquares to let everyone know that they are there. This benefits the company because it is like free advertising. If the people following the person who just went to Starbucks, they will all see the updated FourSquare and will hear about Starbucks. Maybe they don’t like Starbucks, but there is a a high chance they do. And now, just like that, Starbucks in on their mind and they are all of a sudden wanting a grande, white chocolate mocha, whole milk, whipped cream, all because someone updated their FourSquare while at Starbucks. And now that person goes to Starbucks to fulfill their newly created need and while there, they update their personal FourSquare, and the cycle starts itself over.

Image Credit "Screen Shot" By Nicole Long


There are, however, some potential risks involved in people using FourSquare and other location-based services. For instance, it is a great tool to use when wanting a stalker to follow you. Every time a person updates their FourSquare, they make it that much easier for someone to become their stalker. And stalkers have the potential to become very dangerous.

So be careful when using FourSquare, any other location-base services, or any internet cite to update where you are because you never know who is reading the post.


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