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Posted on: March 8, 2011

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Podcasts are use frequently today with the easier access to the internet. Some by people and some by businesses. But, what would drive an organization to choose a podcast as a way of connecting with its publics?

Organizations can benefit in many ways from podcasting. When doing research, I found the article 7 Reasons to Add Podcasting to Your Business Market Mix. It lists 6 reasons and then asks the reader to read more blogs to find the 7th reason. According to the article, the 6 reasons to add podcasting to a business are:

1. Increase your marketing reach and online visibility.

2. Improve your sales and conversion rates.

3. Regular line of communication with subscribed listeners.

4. Value added content increases loyalty.

5. Industry news and trends sets you apart from the competition.

6. Interviews with leaders in your particular niche will establish your business as a respected leader in your niche or industry.

It goes on to say you can get the 7th reason from reading 6 podcasting blogs. Click here.

I personally agree the most with number 3 and 4. Regular line of communication with subscribed listeners will make customers more apt to trust your company and product. Which means more sales, more profits, and more happy costumers. And number 4 is like a by-product of better communication between the company and the consumers. The more consumers hear from you, and you show that you are also listening to them, the more loyal they will definitely be to your product or company.

Image Credit "Happy Costumer" By Costumer Research Weblog

So, if your business wants loyal costumer, communicate. With podcasts, you can communicate whenever the consumer needs to hear from  you because they are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they can access them on their time.


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