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Interview with Martin Waxman

Posted on: March 29, 2011

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In an interview with Martin Waxman I learned many things about what public relations professionals are doing and what they are looking for when they are hiring more people for Public Relations.


I learned that Martin Waxman is the president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. and has a podcast that is updated once a week.

Waxman says that companies should have integrity and honesty in social media.
It is also a good idea to have a lot of social media outlets. You have to figure out who your audience is and how to reach them and how to use the proper tactics to reach them.

Image Credit "Spell Check" By Funbrian

He also said that he did not give a potential employee a position because she pointed him to her blog and there were too many grammatical errors and spelling errors. That is really important, especially in public relations and spelling is a traditional value that definitely needs to stick around.

I was surprised is that everyone says to listen to what is being said about your company online. He talks about how so many comments are on Facebook and tweets on Twitter and that companies should really pay attention if they want to keep their costumers.

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I want to know more about how to manage everything with social media without going crazy and losing track of things.

Martin says that traditional PR skills are important and have to have a great understanding of them. The traditional things are not going away completely. Social media isn’t taking away traditional PR skills needs.

Also, they must have an understanding of social media, how to use it, who communicators are and what they are saying. They don’t have to be that active but they should be following the right people, on blogs, or Twitter, and to be using social media in a smart why. He wants a combination of traditional and modern PR skills.


2 Responses to "Interview with Martin Waxman"

I totally agree with you Nicole. You have to stay on track with social media because if you don’t manage it correctly from a business perspective, things could go very wrong. This interview was very interesting to me as well. I thought it was really cool when he was talking about the girl that he did not hire because she had too many grammatical errors on her blog. That just goes to show that you never know who is watching…

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