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What is up with this?!

Posted on: April 15, 2011

Image Credit "Jack Daniels Old Number 7" By WM Posters

Why are restaurants serving babies alcohol?! This is outrageous! I understand that the restaurant industry serves about 150 million meals every day, but these two cases are still ridiculous considering that there were babies.

First Applebee’s “mistakingly” give a 15-month-old tequila in his sippy-cup instead of apple juice, in Michigan. The mother had to take him to the hospital for him to be treated. The doctor said if he had the entire sippy-cup he would have died. For the full story, click here.

Then, Olive Garden gives a 2-year-old a sangria. Especially in LAKELAND itself. The baby drank almost the full cup and started acting drunk. It took the restaurant 30 minutes to figure out the mistake. The mother had to take the child to the hospital to be treated through and IV. For the full story, click here.

Image Credit "Sippy-Cup" By PRDaily

Public Relations Pros must be having the hardest time of their lives because these are terrible stories. And they are going to be popular because they have babies, and everyone cares about babies.

Lets just hope they get this mess cleaned up, and quickly. And hopefully the two restaurants will actually correct their mistakes to try to make sure this does not happen again.


6 Responses to "What is up with this?!"

This is taking not getting one’s order correct to a whole new, ugly, dangerous level. Big crowds, harried help…a poor mix indeed…leading to mix-ups. I am sure the restaurant industry is gonna take a hard look at all this and enact more safeguards.

I agree with you Nicole. I actually wrote about the same issue. It is startling to know that this is happening! Imagine how their parents feel! I agree that restaurants are busy, but that does not take away from customer satisfaction. I hope both of these restaurants can fix this problem.

Nicole, I read about this disaster a few days ago! I cant believe something like this would actually happen! I mean, the waiter poured alcohol into a bottle, its not like it could have been a mistake! Applebee’s better do some serious damage control, because this is going to make people really angry! If I was the parents, I wouldnt even think twice before deciding to sue!

I can’t believe these events happened within days of each other. How do you mislabel juice with alcohol? I just do not get how that happens. The funny part of this whole thing is that the Olive Garden this happened at was in Lakeland. My Dad called me from Connecticut and asked how who they could hire someone that would make such a stupid mistake.

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