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Most Stressful Job….Well 2nd!

Posted on: April 21, 2011

Image Credit "Number 8" By Westons Signs Inc.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Pros have the second most stressful job in 2011? WHAT?

I figured being in public relations would be difficult since the economy isn’t that great. But the second most stressful? Wow!

According to PRDaily, Public Relations is the second most stressful job of 2011. Each year, CareerCast ranks the best jobs and creates a variety of top 10 lists, including most and least stressful jobs. PR being 2nd on most stressful.

Here’s how CareerCast describes the job of PR pro:

“Public relations officers are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive image with the public for many companies and government agencies. They typically are responsible for giving presentations and making speeches, often in front of large crowds. This highly competitive field and tight deadlines keep stress at high-levels for specialists. Some PR officers, also, are required to interact with potentially hostile members of the media.”

According to CareerCast, the average salary of a PR officer is $90,160, and the average amount of hours logged a day is nine.

Image Credit "Stress" By Technorati

Here’s the full list of stressful jobs:

1. Commercial airline pilot
2. PR officer
3. Corporate executive
4. Photojournalist
5. Newscaster
6. Advertising account executive
7. Architect
8. Stockbroker
9. Emergency medical technician
10. Real estate agent


1 Response to "Most Stressful Job….Well 2nd!"

While we can all insert other occupations into the Top 10, it did strike me being an EMT would be rated less stressful than the ones above it? While there certainly is down time between calls, when you have someone else’s life in your hands and they’re sometimes literally in pieces, I gotta think that is more stressful than some of the jobs above that one…

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