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People should do their homework!

Posted on: April 21, 2011

Image Credit "Valentine" By Soda Head

What is the first thing we should all do before even thinking about pitching a campaign? RESEARCH!  You can’t help a company if you do not know anything about them.

Like, for instance, the gender of their founder. The creator of Digital Dads is automatically signed up for every mommy blogger on the web. So, he’s pretty used to getting pitches from people who assume that he is a woman.

In his article, Social Media Has Made You Lazy, he vents about two particularly “pitchers” who were just way lazy.

One, talked to him as if he were a mother.

Image Credit "Mommy" By C.C. Chapman

The other, could not even take the XXX for where you put the name off.

Image Credit "Dear XXX" By C.C. Chapman

The second guy was just straight lazy. But, the first one didn’t even know the gender. She was assuming he was a mom. Well, remember what assuming does? It makes an “ass” out “me” and “you”.

So, next time, do your research,….idiot.


3 Responses to "People should do their homework!"

Nicole, I agree with you; people should always research before pitching a campaign. Research shows the company you care enough to learn about them, and it helps you learn things that might help you in the future. Assuming something , instead of looking things up and making sure you have all the information, is never a good idea. Great post.

[…] People Should do their homework! by Nicole Long […]

Whatever happened to attention to detail and a job well done…?

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