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Mother’s Day is every year in May. And every year I try to make sure I get my mom the best Mother’s Day gift I can, just to make sure she knows, even though I’m growing up, I still love her a lot.

U.S. Magazine made a list of the four best Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Bath and Body gift set.

2. Make up sets

3. Barnes and Nobles full-color e-reader

4. Customized Calendar Necklace – this is my absolute favorite because Jessica Alba made one to wear with her daughter’s birthday on it.

Image Credit "The Calendar Necklace" By Dallanonna Jewelry

I am seriously considering getting the necklace for my mom, by ordering from the Dallanonna Jewelry website. Not to put my birthday, but my mom’s of course.

So, everyone, remember your moms this Mother’s Day!!! Make them feel special, I mean, since they did take care of you for a while! 🙂


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What is the first thing we should all do before even thinking about pitching a campaign? RESEARCH!  You can’t help a company if you do not know anything about them.

Like, for instance, the gender of their founder. The creator of Digital Dads is automatically signed up for every mommy blogger on the web. So, he’s pretty used to getting pitches from people who assume that he is a woman.

In his article, Social Media Has Made You Lazy, he vents about two particularly “pitchers” who were just way lazy.

One, talked to him as if he were a mother.

Image Credit "Mommy" By C.C. Chapman

The other, could not even take the XXX for where you put the name off.

Image Credit "Dear XXX" By C.C. Chapman

The second guy was just straight lazy. But, the first one didn’t even know the gender. She was assuming he was a mom. Well, remember what assuming does? It makes an “ass” out “me” and “you”.

So, next time, do your research,….idiot.

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PUBLIC RELATIONS Pros have the second most stressful job in 2011? WHAT?

I figured being in public relations would be difficult since the economy isn’t that great. But the second most stressful? Wow!

According to PRDaily, Public Relations is the second most stressful job of 2011. Each year, CareerCast ranks the best jobs and creates a variety of top 10 lists, including most and least stressful jobs. PR being 2nd on most stressful.

Here’s how CareerCast describes the job of PR pro:

“Public relations officers are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive image with the public for many companies and government agencies. They typically are responsible for giving presentations and making speeches, often in front of large crowds. This highly competitive field and tight deadlines keep stress at high-levels for specialists. Some PR officers, also, are required to interact with potentially hostile members of the media.”

According to CareerCast, the average salary of a PR officer is $90,160, and the average amount of hours logged a day is nine.

Image Credit "Stress" By Technorati

Here’s the full list of stressful jobs:

1. Commercial airline pilot
2. PR officer
3. Corporate executive
4. Photojournalist
5. Newscaster
6. Advertising account executive
7. Architect
8. Stockbroker
9. Emergency medical technician
10. Real estate agent

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Why are restaurants serving babies alcohol?! This is outrageous! I understand that the restaurant industry serves about 150 million meals every day, but these two cases are still ridiculous considering that there were babies.

First Applebee’s “mistakingly” give a 15-month-old tequila in his sippy-cup instead of apple juice, in Michigan. The mother had to take him to the hospital for him to be treated. The doctor said if he had the entire sippy-cup he would have died. For the full story, click here.

Then, Olive Garden gives a 2-year-old a sangria. Especially in LAKELAND itself. The baby drank almost the full cup and started acting drunk. It took the restaurant 30 minutes to figure out the mistake. The mother had to take the child to the hospital to be treated through and IV. For the full story, click here.

Image Credit "Sippy-Cup" By PRDaily

Public Relations Pros must be having the hardest time of their lives because these are terrible stories. And they are going to be popular because they have babies, and everyone cares about babies.

Lets just hope they get this mess cleaned up, and quickly. And hopefully the two restaurants will actually correct their mistakes to try to make sure this does not happen again.

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Physical fitness is a popular concern for a lot of people around the world. More and more people are trying to become and stay healthier than before.

Physical fitness is also a growing popularity in the workplace. In the article 10 Reasons to Encourage Fitness in the Work Place, it list reasons it is beneficial to companies to have physically fit employees.

Here are the reasons:

1. Fit employees are less likely to get sick. Someone fit will be less likely to get “the bug”. This will cut down on absences and health insurance costs.

2. Fit employees have more energy. With more exercise, we increase our energy throughout the day, making tasks easy to accomplish at our best ability.

3. Have more self confidence. Healthier employees tend to have a higher level of self confidence because they have proven to themselves they can accomplish their goals. This will make them challenge themselves and strive for higher achievement.

4. Inspire confidence. A person who is confident in themselves will also make other people confident in them as well.

5. Tend to take on more leadership roles. They also make good ones too!

Image Credit "Exercise" By ABCs on Good Nutrition

6. Set and achieve goals. Being physically fit makes the person set aggressive goals for themselves in the gym. When they reach that goal, they will naturally bring the aggressiveness into the workplace. This characteristic is a valuable asset to any company.

7. Tend to have better attitudes. They generally “feel good” because of their physical and mental balance.

8. Less stressed. Regular exercise releases physical and mental stress, making a fit employee less stressed than an employee who does not regularly exercise.

9. A fit employee base presents excellent team-building opportunities. Employees can bond and learn to work together in new ways when they cooperate in physical games like baseball or tennis together.

10. Encouraging fitness demonstrates a concern for employee’s well-being, and pays off! Employees notice when employers are concerned for their well being through fitness programs, making the turnover rate significantly lower.

These reasons show that being physically fit is very important, not only for your health, but also for your company.

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Founders Week at Florida Southern College is kind of a big deal. All week students participate in all types of different compititions. At the end of the week there is a Founders Ball to celebrate the closing of the week. There is a theme for the week and everything is organized by ACE: Association of Campus Entertainment.
During Founders Week, there is an event everyday of the week totalling 5 events. They all correspond with the theme for the week. This year the theme is the “Awesome 80’s”.
The teams had to sign up a week in advance with at least 5 members but no more than 15.
There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner for every event. Also, a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner for the entire week.
Day 1- Lip Sync
The teams were to lip sync a song from the 80’s. They had to dress up to represent who they were copying. They were judged by 3 nonbias judegs.
Day 2- Sheet Painting
Each team was given a sheet for them to paint and hang up at the cafeteria by 5pm. The judges were looking for school spirit, if it said Fl Southern or FSC, how it corrosponded to the 80s theme, and overall creativity. They were also judged by 3 nonbias judges.

Image Credit "Sheets" By Nicole Long

Day 3- 80’s Movie and FSC Trivia
Each team were to have 5 member represent them at Jeopardy. The score was kept by ACE members to make sure no one cheated. They were questioned on information in movies from the 1980s and also some information about FSC.
Day 4- Skit Night
Each team can have all of there members join in on their skit. They are allowed to do a skit from a TV show from the 80’s, corresponding with the theme. They are also judged by 3 nonbias judges, looking for creativity, how well they stuck to the origianl show, and stage prescence.
Day 5- Philanthropy Event
Each team is to donate canned goods, that ACE will later donate to Good Will or Salvation Army. The cans will be counted by ACE members to double check the numbers of every team. There will also be a cover band that only plays 1980’s music.

Image Credit "Awesome 80s" By ACE

Founders Ball is Saturday March 19th at the Hilton Garden Inn 7 to 10 pm. There all of the winners will be announced and given their awards. The winners receive a framed award, but the winners of the entire week receive trophys. There will be dinner served and then after the awards all of the students dance until 10pm.

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When people think 80’s, they think off the wall hair styles, crazy, mismatched colors, and ridiculously, for no reason huge sleeves.

Well at Florida Southern College, Founder’s Ball is coming up. The theme is “Awesome 80’s Prom Founders Ball“. That means, as the ACE Exec this event belongs to, I have to dress 80’s. Great.

I don’t like the sleeves. I don’t like the puffs. I don’t like the hair or make-up, oh my god. How did my mom survive? What do I do? I refuse to look like the following:

Image Credit "Ugly Prom Dress" By Fashion Police

Image Credit "80s Prom Dresses" By Wedding Hots


Image Credit "Would you ever: Wear Josie Grossie's 80 prom dress" By Buzznet


I don’t want to be stuck like this. I am going to hit the stores in hope of a dress that looks 80’s, but strapless. That way I don’t have to worry about the over sized sleeves. I also want it to be something I could possibly wear again to a nice dinner. SO, strapless and knee length, sounds good. But what color? Neon pink? Dark purple? Black? Wait, I don’t do black, look good in it, but I want to stand out with some color.

So, I am going to shot for something like this:

Image Credit "Miss S 80's Dress" By Catwalk Queen

Not TOO much, still smoking hot and awesome!!!! 🙂 I love it! Now, wish me luck on my shopping adventures to find something similar to this!



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