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Another post that I really enjoyed was Would you donate a kidney because of Facebook? By Emily Leineweber.

When I think of Facebook, i think of social networking, advertising, and a public relations forum for businesses. Who knew that a simple status update could persuade someone to donate an organ!

According to Ragan’s PR Daily, a few months ago a woman posted a status about her husband needing a kidney transplant and that they needed a kidney with O blood type. She wasnt necessarily asking as in putting an AD in the paper, but was just hoping that somehow her prayer would be answered.

Luckily, a man saw the message and notified her that he would be willing to donate and had the correct blood type. The transplant was successful and both men alright.

Who knew that Facebook could be used for more than talking to your friends, and keeping up to date with local businesses and celebs. Today, social media and the internet can be used for just about anything, even finding an organ donor faster than ever before.

I wonder if this will change the way the waiting list for organs will work?! Could it be the newest and upcoming trend?


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A post that I found very interesting, and funny, was the post for Viral Videos By Jake Price. All of the videos he chose were really funny to watch.

Although there are many videos that I have found throughout the years that I have thought of as funny, or sad, or anything that appeals to me, I have always wondered what makes them so popular???

What I have recently realized is that these videos go viral because of there universal appeal. Most of the time, if a video goes viral and it is funny, it is funny to everyone. The same applies if it is a sad video, or an angry video. It makes people feel the same emotion and it takes over.

When I watched David After Dentist, I thought it was super funny. That kid is so messed up. I think that video got so popular not only because it is funny, but also because everyone knows what he is going through. Everyone has been to the dentist and everyone has been drugged.

There are some other videos that I think are hilarious that you might enjoy as well.

I love this video and the story behind it is so funny. This girl is just messing around taking a stupid video on her moms phone. Well, she forgot to delete it and her brother got a hold of it. Recently before this, she posted some pretty embarrassing stuff on his facebook and this was the ultimate revenge.

Here is another video that I really like.

I think this video is so funny. I mean, I have never seen anything like it. I do not know why, but this girl singing a dumb song about chapstick is just so funny. I think it must be the sound effects that she makes.

Viral videos are really great if used correctly. Here is an example of a viral video that really hurt a business.

This video was really damaging to United Airlines because it showed that they did not care for their customers luggage. This video was made because this band was traveling via United and they witnessed some of the crew throwing their instruments. The instruments were damaged and United refused to take responsibility for over a year. This was the result and it really hurt their image.

But to end on a good note, here is a very cute viral video and it is hilarious…

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Viral videos pop up all over the place, from all different places, people, and scenarios.

They become viral so quickly because they are interesting and eye catching. They can be funny (most are), they can be cute, have pets or babies in them.

How it happens is once someone see’s a video they think is funny or cute and is good enough to watch again or show someone, they show a friend. And then that person shows another friend, and that person another. It goes on and on, and in a short period of time, until it is a viral video in like a week.

My favorite viral is “The Bed Intruder”. It is a video that was originally on the news. It was a guy who was talking to the camera crew in concern of his sister who was almost raped when she woke up to find a stranger in her room. It is a serious story, but luckily her brother heard her scream and came in there to scare the intruder out. The intruder left finger prints. Just watch…..



I love this “remix” because its hilarious how the brother is acting and it is very catchy. It made me want to watch the video over and over again. I also wanted to show every and anybody who was on or near a computer.

Another viral video that I like is “Charlie Bit Me”. It is a video that just shows two little kids, who are obviously brothers, sitting in a chair and the little brother keeps bitting the older brother. It is so cute.



I wanted to show everyone this video because of how adorable it is. All of my girl friends liked it and even guys. 🙂

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In an interview with Martin Waxman I learned many things about what public relations professionals are doing and what they are looking for when they are hiring more people for Public Relations.


I learned that Martin Waxman is the president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. and has a podcast that is updated once a week.

Waxman says that companies should have integrity and honesty in social media.
It is also a good idea to have a lot of social media outlets. You have to figure out who your audience is and how to reach them and how to use the proper tactics to reach them.

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He also said that he did not give a potential employee a position because she pointed him to her blog and there were too many grammatical errors and spelling errors. That is really important, especially in public relations and spelling is a traditional value that definitely needs to stick around.

I was surprised is that everyone says to listen to what is being said about your company online. He talks about how so many comments are on Facebook and tweets on Twitter and that companies should really pay attention if they want to keep their costumers.

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I want to know more about how to manage everything with social media without going crazy and losing track of things.

Martin says that traditional PR skills are important and have to have a great understanding of them. The traditional things are not going away completely. Social media isn’t taking away traditional PR skills needs.

Also, they must have an understanding of social media, how to use it, who communicators are and what they are saying. They don’t have to be that active but they should be following the right people, on blogs, or Twitter, and to be using social media in a smart why. He wants a combination of traditional and modern PR skills.

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PROpenMic has so many things to offer students and recent graduates.

There are blogs about what’s recently happening related to Public Relations around the world. This is really neat because this site will definitely appreciate Public Relations blogs more so than if the blogger was not connected to the site.


Image Credit "Blog" By Nicole Long

There is an internship section for students who are looking for internships because they are graduating with Public Relations concentrations and are going to go into the Public Relations world.


Image Credit "Intern" By Nicole Long

Also, people who have accounts can add each other as friends and that makes it easier to get connected to the people you may know or may want to get to know. You can also stay in touch with the people you know, but may not talk to as much.


Image Credit "Members" By Nicole Long

I think PROpenMic is a really great tool for anyone in the Public Relations industry.

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Podcasts are use frequently today with the easier access to the internet. Some by people and some by businesses. But, what would drive an organization to choose a podcast as a way of connecting with its publics?

Organizations can benefit in many ways from podcasting. When doing research, I found the article 7 Reasons to Add Podcasting to Your Business Market Mix. It lists 6 reasons and then asks the reader to read more blogs to find the 7th reason. According to the article, the 6 reasons to add podcasting to a business are:

1. Increase your marketing reach and online visibility.

2. Improve your sales and conversion rates.

3. Regular line of communication with subscribed listeners.

4. Value added content increases loyalty.

5. Industry news and trends sets you apart from the competition.

6. Interviews with leaders in your particular niche will establish your business as a respected leader in your niche or industry.

It goes on to say you can get the 7th reason from reading 6 podcasting blogs. Click here.

I personally agree the most with number 3 and 4. Regular line of communication with subscribed listeners will make customers more apt to trust your company and product. Which means more sales, more profits, and more happy costumers. And number 4 is like a by-product of better communication between the company and the consumers. The more consumers hear from you, and you show that you are also listening to them, the more loyal they will definitely be to your product or company.

Image Credit "Happy Costumer" By Costumer Research Weblog

So, if your business wants loyal costumer, communicate. With podcasts, you can communicate whenever the consumer needs to hear from  you because they are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they can access them on their time.

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So many people on Facebook use the location application to update where they are at a certain moment. Well, with Twitter, the application is called FourSquare.

FourSquare is the application for Twitter that updates where people are at all times, whenever they choose to update it. It is an awesome tool that allows people to know where my be for any reason.

Companies can benefit from FourSquare in many ways. Whenever people go to a store, say for instance Starbucks, current customers will update their FourSquares to let everyone know that they are there. This benefits the company because it is like free advertising. If the people following the person who just went to Starbucks, they will all see the updated FourSquare and will hear about Starbucks. Maybe they don’t like Starbucks, but there is a a high chance they do. And now, just like that, Starbucks in on their mind and they are all of a sudden wanting a grande, white chocolate mocha, whole milk, whipped cream, all because someone updated their FourSquare while at Starbucks. And now that person goes to Starbucks to fulfill their newly created need and while there, they update their personal FourSquare, and the cycle starts itself over.

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There are, however, some potential risks involved in people using FourSquare and other location-based services. For instance, it is a great tool to use when wanting a stalker to follow you. Every time a person updates their FourSquare, they make it that much easier for someone to become their stalker. And stalkers have the potential to become very dangerous.

So be careful when using FourSquare, any other location-base services, or any internet cite to update where you are because you never know who is reading the post.



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